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Frequently Asked Questions for Travel Agent


1. Opening Tour Agency Account
2. Mode of Payment
3. Night Safari Date & Time Slot Tickets
4. Night Safari Open Dated Tickets
5. Other modes of Onsite Redemption
6. Purchase of Tickets
7. Cut-off time / Confirming Bookings (Order)
8. Amendments / Changes to your order
9. Cancellation

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** This content is relevant to registered Travel Agents with WRS.**

1. Opening Tour Agency Account

1.1 Who can access the TA Reseller Portal?

All WRS Registered Travel Agents will be given access to the TA Reseller Portal through prior registration. All WRS Registered Travel Agents will receive an invitation through their registered email.

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1.2 When can I start my purchase?

Once online registration is completed, you can start purchasing WRS products. Purchases can be made for all our parks via credit card or stored value account.

Products available for sale are:

  • Jurong Bird Park, River Safari and Singapore Zoo admission tickets
  • Night Safari Admission tickets by date and time
  • Night Safari Japanese and Mandarin language trams
  • Booking of meal programmes E.g. Jungle Breakfast, Lunch with Parrots, Asian / Indian buffet dinner etc

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1.3 My company has various departments and large staff strength. How can I apply for more log-in accounts on the web portal?

  • Each WRS Registered Travel Agent will have ONE Master Account
  • The Master Account can authorise the additional log-in as required
  • All additional accounts will be tagged to the Master Account
  • All purchases will be made through the Master Account

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2. Mode of Payment

2.1 What modes of payment are accepted for online purchase?

Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and AMEX) or draw down from Stored Value Account.

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2.2 How do we set-up the Stored Value Account?

For first time setup, funds can only be deposited through bank transfers or by cheque.

Subsequent top-ups can be made using credit card (Visa, MasterCard and AMEX), local bank transfer, local bank cheque or overseas telegraphic transfer.

Your account balance will be updated within 1-3 working days, once payment has been cleared.

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2.3 What is the minimum amount to deposit?

The minimum initial deposit amount is S$5,000.

Subsequent top-ups are also set at S$5,000 per top-up at $1,000 increment.

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2.4 How frequent can I top up the funds for the TA reseller webstore?

There is no limit on the frequency of your top-ups.

You may consider depositing a bigger sum to cut down the top-up frequency and to prevent any disruption to the online purchasing process.

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2.5 How long does it take for the TA account to reflect the deposit amount once payment is made?

  • Local bank transfer – 1 working day
  • Local cheque / Overseas telegraphic transfer – 3 working days

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2.6 How do I make an online booking if I already have credit facility with WRS?

Your existing credit facility with WRS will be extended to online bookings as well.

You can allocate a proportion of your total credit limit to your TA reseller portal account to facilitate the purchases made on that platform.

Bookings made through the WRS Web Reseller Portal will be invoiced to you, similar to your current payment arrangements.

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3. Night Safari Date & Time Slot Tickets

3.1 How many Night Safari admission timings are there?

There are 3 daily admission timings to choose from:

  • 7.15pm
  • 8.15pm
  • 9.15pm

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3.2 Can I book multiple time slots for the same date?

Yes, as long as the timeslots are available at the time of booking.

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3.3 How many slots per timing are available for purchase?

We have taken into consideration historical trends of peak attendance at Night Safari, and made provisions for each timeslot to maximise capacity without compromising the safety of our guests.

For big groups, please contact the WRS Sales Team for assistance.

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3.4 Can I check online for the number of slots available without making any purchase?

No. Timeslot availability will only be shown when you are making your purchase online.

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3.5 With the implementation of this time-specific entry, will show seats be guaranteed?

Show seats will continue to be available on a first-come-first-served basis.

We will increase frequency to 4 shows per night (starting 1 December 2015).

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3.6 If there are no more slots for the earlier timing, what can guests do while waiting?

Guests can choose to dine at one of the F&B outlets or browse the retail stores for souvenirs.

All Night Safari F&B and retail outlets open from 5.30pm to 12.00am nightly.

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3.7 Will I be able to make advance purchase for Night Safari tickets for the 7.15pm & 8.15pm timeslots?

  • Advance booking for the 7.15pm and 8.15pm timeslots can be done via the TA reseller portal 1 month before the visit date
  • Using the Collection Note issued for your booking, you can have the physical tickets printed before the visit date, at either the Night Safari ticket counters 1 and 2 or the self-service ticket printing kiosk
  • Please be advised that no amendments, cancellations, revalidations or refunds are allowed once the Night Safari admission tickets are printed

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3.8 How far in advance can I purchase the Night Safari tickets?

Guests can choose to dine at one of the F&B outlets or browse the retail stores for souvenirs.

You can purchase Night Safari tickets 1 month prior to actual date of visit.

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3.9 Can I get a reduced ticket price for the 9.15pm tickets since there is less than 3 hours to explore Night Safari?

There is ample time to experience the park, even with a 9.15pm entry time so ticket prices will remain the same regardless of time of entry.

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4 Night Safari Open Dated Tickets

4.1 Can I opt for one month validity for other timeslots? Many FITs have young families or elderly who do not want to stay on for too late.

For Phase 1, only 9.15pm tickets will be offered with 1 month validity.

The earlier timeslots of 7.15pm & 8.15pm are valid only for the date that they have been booked for.

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4.2 Can we have 3 months validity instead of 1 month for the 9.15pm entry tickets?

For Phase 1, the 9.15pm tickets will only be offered with one month validity.

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5. Other Modes of Onsite Redemption

5.1 How does I redeem for tour leader FOC? Any changes to tour leader FOC policy?

The FOC policy remains unchanged for redemption of complimentary ticket for Tour Leader.

  • Tour Leader to proceed to Night Safari Ticketing Counter with the relevant number of guest admission tickets to redeem the complimentary ticket
  • One (1) overseas tour leader is entitled to one complimentary TA Admission Ticket for every 15 paying guests, up to a maximum of four (4) complimentary TA Admission Tickets per group.
  • Identification is required for issuance of such complimentary TA Admission Ticket to overseas tour leaders.

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6 Purchase of Tickets

6.1 Are there any price differences when buying online versus booking via Sales Hotline?

Prices are the same for both online purchases and via booking through Sales Hotline.

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6.2 Will the tickets bought online be accounted for under the TA total support to WRS?

Yes. All purchases will count towards total annual sales for each TA.

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6.3 Can we continue to use the Exchange Order to purchase tickets onsite?

WRS will continue to accept Exchange Order for ticket purchase onsite but this will gradually be phased out.

Should you miss the 3pm cut-off time, booking of timeslots can only be made at Night Safari Ticketing Counters 1 and 2 from 5.30pm on the date of visit.

Kindly take note that onsite purchase of Night Safari tickets is subject to availability of timeslots, and is on a first-come-first-served basis.

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6.4 Why I did not recieve my tickets / Collection Notes?

Please whitelist email from domain To whitelist, please follow the guide below;

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7 Cut-Off Time / Confirming Bookings (Orders)

7.1 What is the cut-off time to make online purchase?

There is no cut off time as long as the tickets are available.

For those who have made prior purchase, you can make your final changes by 3pm on date of visit. All changes made after 3pm on date of visit will be subject to cancellation charges.

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7.2 What happens if there are additional guests for that night after the cut-off time?

Additional purchases can be made onsite on date of visit, subject to availability.

You may also contact the WRS Sales Team for assistance.

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8 Amendments / Changes [Applicable to Registered Travel Agents with WRS]

8.1 Can I make amendments or change the timings?

(For Travel Agent only) You are allowed to make changes up to 3pm on the date of visit. All changes made after 3pm on date of visit will be subject to cancellation charges.

All refunds will be credited as "Stored Value" to the Master Account for future purchases.

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8.2 I only found out after the 3pm cut-off time on visit date that the group / guests have been delayed and need to change the visit date. Why do I still have to pay for the Night Safari admission tickets?

Please be advised that all bookings will be considered confirmed and charged accordingly at 3pm on date of visit.

In instances where there is a possibility of any group/guest being delayed, we recommend releasing your booking before 3pm so you do not incur any penalty.

You can make another booking online or onsite once the group/guest has confirmed their visit date/time.

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8.3 Will I be able to change to an earlier timeslot on-site if there are available slots?

We regret that onsite amendments to bookings are not available.

Any exception granted for earlier admission into the park will be based on the situation onsite, and will be at the discretion of park management.

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9 Cancellation

9.1 What is the cancellation policy?

Please note that all purchases made are deemed confirmed. Payment will be deducted.

You can make changes with no charge up to 3pm on the date of visit. All changes made after 3pm will be subject to cancellation charges.

For changes made before 3pm on date of visit, all refunds will be credited as "Stored Value" to the Master Account, and can be used for future purchases.

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